11 April 2009

Sriwijaya Zoo

A. Brief Information

Sriwijaya Zoo is a right place for Palembang people who want to have a pleasure moment with family considering its location that is located nearby the heart of Palembang City. This 10 ha zoo is inhabited by 50 animals.

B. Distinctive Features

There are three elephants for visitors who want to have a sensation of riding the back of those elephants. Other primates are also available there such as crocodiles, bears, monkeys, snakes, orangutan, and various birds.

C. Location

Sriwijaya Zoo lies in Talang Taling Village, Gelumbang Sub-district, Muara Enim District, South Sumatra Province.

D. Access

Sriwijaya Zoo is 55 kilimeters away to the north of Palembang City. It lies strategically in Palembang – Prabumulih way.

E. Ticket Price

The entrance ticket to Sriwijaya Zoo is IDR 2.000.

source: www.wisatamelayu.com


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