11 April 2009

Bumi Ayu Temple

A. Brief Information

Bumi Ayu Temple is the only Hindu temple area in South Sumatra consisting of nine temples. Four of them has been refurbished in 1990 by allocating Indonesian General Revenue and Expenditure Budget. The local government of Muara Enim District has made some supporting facilites to increase the number of visitors to the location.

Bumi Ayu Temple stands above 75.65 ha land bordered by seven dried rivers. Development and preservation have been conducted for years by a team focusing on ancient heritages preservation from South Sumatra Province.

B. Distinctive Features

Bumi Ayu Temple is a Siwa Hinduism temple. According to Archeologists, Bumi Ayu Temple is the biggest Hindu temple outside of Java Island. The physical appearance of Bumi Ayu Temple is almost the same as Prambanan Temple in Central Java.

C. Location

Bumi Ayu Temple lies in Bumiayu Village, Tanah Abang Sub-district, Muara Enim District, South Sumatra.

D. Access

Now, the access to Bumi Ayu Temple has been paved out. To reach the destination, it will spend about 1,5 hours from Muara Enim (85 kms).

Source: www.wisatamelayu.com


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