13 April 2009

Riau: Tujuh Serangkai Caves

Tujuh Serangkai Caves, located in Rambah village about 17 km from Bangkinang is the tops tourist attraction in Kampar region. Entire of way from municipal district into Tujuh Pintu Serangkai Cave which estimate interval is 2 kilometers we can enjoying wonderful nature that back grounding by hills and the leafy of trees until front of Tujuh Pintu Serangkai cave door. Besides the natural beauty of the caves, we can enjoy a hot bath in it. The cave what we visit is not one but in 10 hectares area founded other cave as Sungai Cawan Cave, Langkuk Cave, Sungai Panturun Cave, Sungai Lo Cave and Sungai Pisang Cave.


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