11 April 2009

Ranau Lake

Ranau Lake is located in Banding Agung district, 125 Km from Baturaja, the capital of Oku Regency. Ranau is an 8 x 13 km caldera partially filled by the crescent-shaped Ranau Lake. It is surrounded by hills and has mount Seminung background. Beneath the Mount Seminung, there is a source of natural warm water. A morphologically young post-caldera strata volcano, Mount Semuning, was constructed within the SE side of the caldera to a height of more than 1600 m above the caldera lake surface.

For most people, Ranau Lake is the climax of a visit to the western highlands of South Sumatra. This blinking Crater Lake is located in the old caldera of Mount Seminung (1340 meters), an active volcano on the border of Lampung province. It's 16 km long and 9 km wide, and has a depth of 300 meters. The climate in these highlands is nice cool and the remote location offers wealthy vegetation, crystal clear water and beautiful trips to a nearby fall, hot source and an island in the lake. However the lake is very popular among the local population in the weekends, it's not spoiled by tourism yet.


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