08 April 2009

Gisting & Batu Keramat Region

Plateau area of Gisting and Batu Keramat contain a beautiful potency where from height of this area place we can enjoy cold air of mountain with view of workload of Semangka Bay decorated with giant oil tankers and fishing boat and also Kota Agung seaport. Located only 4 Km of Center Governance of Tanggamus Regency.

Enter the territory of Kota Agung district, in the territory of the plateau of the Shrine Stone (± 300 m. dpl.), a gateway welcomed tourists that arrived in the capital of the regency. Its nature situation reminded tourists of regional scenery of mountains in the Pas Peak of the West Javanese with the honest paved road that descended winding. The tourism is offered in addition of beautiful scenery the carpet of the Semaka Gulf that was unrolled area.



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