08 April 2009

Bukit Barisan National Park II

Bukit Barisan National Park II (TNBBS-II) is the protected forest region that is occupied by the endangered species. The government protects those animals, such as: the elephant, the tiger, the rhinoceros, the forest water buffalo, birds, etc. Despite that this region also be overgrown by the flora that very rare for example the snake plant and various orchid sorts. TNBBS-II on the end south of the Sumatra Island that some of these territories were the Tanggamus Regency territories. The TNBBS-II location is very exact for the development of the tour activity hunted, which the echo of the tour and the activity of the habitat research and the available fauna. The location of the snake plant is located in the edge of Tanggamus Regency Territory with the West Lampung Regency Territory. To reach the location of snake plant crop habitat, we could use public or personal transportation from Kota Agung during 50 trip minutes and about 40 km.

The fauna that can be found are elephants, Sumateran Rhinos, tigers, honey bears, wild buffaloes, tapirs, deer, wild dogs, and tortoises. The floras that can be found in the area are tropical forest vegetation, rare orchid species, arnorphallus and rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world. There is a historical monument that is alight house with the height of 57 metres in Belimbing Bay. It was built in 1879 in the Dutch King Willem III era. From the lighthouse we can watch the beach, the tropical forest and the Japanese remain, an airstrip in the Second World War.


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