14 April 2009

Bangka Belitung: Interesting place in Belitung Island

Tanjung Pandan

Like Bangka, Belitung is also called a tin island. It is the second biggest tin producer in Indonesia. The capital town of Belitung is Tanjung Pandan. It is about 45 minutes flights from Jakarta. The topography consists of lowland and some small areas of swamp while in the middle part there is highland in groups of 150 - 200 meters above the sea level. Tanjung Pandan is stay at 1070 20’ East longitude and 020 30’ - 030 15 south latitudes. Its wide area is 229.365 Ha and bordered by:
North side: South China Sea
East side: East Belitung Regency
South side: Jawa Sea
West side: Gaspar Strait
In Tanjung Pandan, there is a Geology museum, the omission of PT Timah, which save various historical and cultural collections. Beside that, Tanjung Pandan is also equipped with zoo and Dayanag Seri Pinai swimming pool. The famous beach in Tanjung Pandan is Tanjungpendam beach, which always held ‘Buang Jong’ ceremony every July and August.


Manggar is the 2nd largest town in Belitung. It's placed in Eastern coast about 90 km from Tanjungpandan. Manggar is also a district with 37.845 Ha area, 12 villages and 27 small islands along Manggar district beach. Its population is about 87,049 men. The regency that border on Karimata strait, is still centered its economics in mining. Manggar was the center of tin mining activity in Belitung starting from 19th century pioneered by Dutch people. There was western standard residential area in a hilly beach in Eastern of town. This place calls as Mount Samak. Mount Samak is still an exclusive place at this time, even more pleasure with Golf Court facility in the beach close to Mount Samak. Now, Mount Samak has no longer exist in the middle 1980s when PT. TIMAH ending their tin mining exploitation in Manggar after up to 100 years in operation. Manggar is not only about tin, people live as normal and there is always economy activity that makes the town life. There are many nice places that can be visited like: Serdang beach, Burung Mandi beach, Malang Lepau beach, Pengepangan beach, Tirta Surya natural swimming pool, Payak Lake, Kwan In Chinese temple. Hundreds hectares of sand is spreads in this regency. It has been known for its glass raw material and its soil as ceramics raw material.

Tanjung Tinggi

Belitung is beautiful. One of its beauties is Tanjung Tinggi beach. This beach is located about 30 km of Tanjung Pandan, a beach that has many types of granite and become the superior of Tanjung Tinggi. The visitors can enjoy the beauty of this natural beach by stand on the top of these granites or from the big stone. This natural beach is not far from Tanjung Kelayang beach. It is really natural beach that presents the nature scenery for the tourists who want to visit this beach. Spoiled your self in this warmed of sun and the blue of sea. You will feel that both of the beaches are your own. The visitor can do some activities such as; swimming, sun bathing, surfing, fishing, etc. Beside that, this beach, which is rich of its granites with their various sizes, also has the natural carpet of white sand.

Tanjung Kelayang

Tanjung Kelayang is one of Belitung’s beautiful beaches. This beach is also offering white sandy beach with its unique stones that strong stand up in various forms. The name of Tanjung Kelayang is taken from its unique boulder that looks like a bird. The word ‘Tanjung’ means ‘Peninsula’ and ‘Kelayang’ means ‘a kind of bird species’. Tanjung Kelayang is surround by small islands that framed the beautiful sunset. Stay here to enjoy the moon that shines the seawater. The visitors can spend their holiday here by diving, swimming, sun bathing, fishing, etc. 
Walk along Tanjung Kelayang, the visitors will see the spread of boulders in the beach. These boulders that almost 5 meters size, are in piles each other uniquely. There is big stone that stick by three small stones. The positions of these small stones are unique. It is very attractive if the visitors walk along those boulders and jump on the top of the boulders. Those boulders are formed rooms and hole, the tourism object that make the visitor always want to take the picture in that boulders.

Lengkuas Island

Belitung Island is surrounded by small islands, such as; Nasik island, Lima island, Lengkuas island, Melindung island, Seliu island, Nadu island, Mendanau island, Batu Dinding island and the other small islands. One of them is Lengkuas Island. Lengkuas Island is a small island, placed in North of Tanjung Binga village. This island is surround by several granite rock islands that can reach by just walking cross the seawater that less than 1,2m depth. Those granites are also various unique forms. The water is totally clean, so we can easily see the bottom of sea as well as fishes swimming inside the water. It is a nice place for playing in the water or snorkeling.

This is a small island that unique, because it has a lighthouse and exciting scenery around it that can be enjoy from the top of the lighthouse. The Dutch builds this lighthouse in 19 century. The beach is totally crystal clear water, which has its white sandy. There are some granites island that can reach by swimming or walking through the water, which is less than 1,5 meter. The other islands that interest to visit is Burung Island, Babi Island, Pengadaran Island, Lutung Island, Kera Island dan Jenang Island.

Tanjung Binga

Tanjung Binga village is in Sijuk district. If the visitors come to the right season, they will find delicious Durian (kind of fruit). In the side of Tanjung Binga village, you can find Bukit Berahu Cottages that equipped with swimming pool a nine holes golf field. There are about eight uninhabited small islands that become part of Tanjung Binga village and it’s famous with its nature beautiful. This tourism object is also famous with its beautiful beach, and fascinated granites. This island is called Burung Island (Pulau Burung). It is about 12 hectares; has coconut garden, and small hill. The visitors can visit those islands by the fishermen’s canoe. 
Tanjung Binga is a fishery village, where the tourists can found many kinds of fishes. Just a few meters of Tanjung Binga, the visitor can see the bevy of fishes that spread around, which most of them is kind of Haring fish family. See those fishes is the interesting moment that we can’t found in other places. Beside that, the visitor can also enjoy the fresh fishes in the restaurants around that offer their special seafood menu. 
To continue the journey, the visitor can go to Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang, because their location is not far from Tanjung Binga. Do your wonderful journey in Belitung Island by visiting Tanjung Binga and enjoy the natural beach that will give you unforgettable experience.

Punai Beach

Actually, Punai beach has not known yet as tourism object. This beach is kind of natural beach with its white sandy and few of granites. This beach is located about 93 km of Tanjung Pandan or 18 km of Dendang District. It is about 11/2 hour of Tanjung Pandan. Punai Beach is stay at end south side of Belitung Island. This beach is also the place of the fishermen to looking for fresh fish. So, the visitors can enjoy fresh fish from the fishermen. This beautiful beach is suitable for having sport activities, such as swimming, fishing and also snorkeling. Because it’s natural beach, Punai beach can fresh your mind and make you feel comfort in spend your trip here. It is also suitable for the adventurer to get their different adventurous.



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